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Interractive video language learning activity for Facebook character.

The video you see here is the end result of an activity designed for encouraging student input into the target language. Although the video ‘adventure’ would benefit a beginner of French, it is an activity that my students create themselves and paste into their fictional Facebook account.
The process is simple, and only uses freeware, though it can prove to be lengthy and take up more than one 1hour lesson.
. a Fictional Facebook account
. a YouTube account
. an account at Jaycut.com
. Broadband internet connection

Start by imagining what adventure your character is about to embark on. As you can see by the example I made, it can be quite mundane. The idea is that the character is met with obstacles ( occurring at the point the end user would not guess correctly) and dead-ends that he gets the chance to correct. The challenge can be more complicated than I made it; i.e. it could require foreign Metro map reading skills, punctured tyres on the way work, an alarm clock that was not set properly, and so on.

(annotations for video coming soon)

Take images from the web that represent all of the correct solutions to the problem, and another all the wrong alternatives. Place one image at a time ( or more if you feel like more of a narrative) into Jaycut and announce in an oral recording what the character wants to do ( see Jaycut tutorial below) . He will be given 2 (or more) choices, with only 1 successful possibility. The choices are created in the YouTube annotator ( I’ll make a tutorial) and are links to other videos where the character lands in a different position and has to go on choosing until he completes his mission..

FACEBOOK for language learning, aural/ speaking activity video creation with JAYCUT online video editor

This is another activity for Facebook, to be done after the first one (see previous post). It involves describing pictures of an imaginary outing to Paris ( or any other capital city for that matter). I ended-up using Jaycut.com since there were some problems with the lab software at that point, and I can highly recommend it. It is better than Windows Movie Maker for this activity because it has an incorporated ‘mic’ feature; and it is very user friendly.
The activity gets students to follow-up on the previous exercise, and involves oral and description skills.


1 PC
1 fictitious Facebook account
1 YouTube account
Completion of previous activity (see post below)

I include this tutorial in French with English annotations: