I. One slide videos for language immersion:

One slide video adventures are a way for students and teachers to create linguistic adventures and virtual causalities in the target language.

The creation of interactive video adventures reinforces the practical application of language on situations that are decided by the learner. The creative aspect of the activity leads to self-reliance and autonomy in the target language, and simulates freedom of choice and individual judgement.
During this tutorial the instructor will guide you through the creation of a video adventure that you will then be able to implement in a lab class. The possibilities and outcomes of these adventures are infinite, and can focus specifically on grammar or vocabulary points, as specified by a tutor.
II. Creating a ‘One slide video adventure’

For creating one slide video adventure you will need to have a YouTube account. If you do not have one, please create one.
In this first activity you will be using ready-made slides ( The Star Trek Adventure) upon which you will add your narrations with Windows Movie Maker 2.6. Although the instructor will be guiding you step by step, you may find the following written tutorial useful: Click her for Windows Movie Maker 2.6 Instructions ( Word document)
So that you may become familiar with YouTube annotations, I suggest that you adapt/ translate each slide of the following example into your teaching language: Star Trek (Seeing an Alien)
Activity 1:
1. View pre-made video adventure: Star Trek (Seeing an Alien)
2. Right click as ‘Save as’ to Desktop the following files:

3. Open Windows Movie Maker 2.6 ( Download instructions here)
4. Since this is your first video adventure I suggest that you base you narrations loosely on the following example, though in the language that you teach:
5. Record audio descriptions onto clips and save the movies to ‘Desktop’. If you name your files Clip 1-Clip 4 it will be easier later.

6. Upload Clips to your YouTube channel.

7. Produce annotations in YouTube. ( Click here for Word document tutorial)

Appendix: Still slides for activity 1 ( right click as ‘Save Link as’ > Desktop):

Activity 2:

In this activity you will be given free rein of all aspects of the video adventure: plot, subject, theme and type of adventure. Here is an example of an interactive video adventure that focuses on the topic of food and shopping.

1. Choose pictures online by researching your desired subject in Google Image Search

2. Import the still pictures into Windows Movie Maker 2.6 and follow the tutorial to add an oral narration/ commentary to the pictures. ( See Windows Movie Maker 2.6 Tutorial)

3. Follow steps 5-7 of Activity 1

N.B. Please use these tutorials and clips for educational purposes only.

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